Monday, November 17, 2008

No pictues this weekend.

For the first time that I can remember all three of us were home this weekend with nothing to do. I loved it. Especially with basketball season here it was a nice surprise to get to actually spend time with my husband. As many of you know I am a Christmas freak and its not unusual for my Christmas decorations to go up immediately after Halloween. I held off this year and put them up on Saturday. Since I put up multiple trees and I had a three year old helping this year, it took all day on Saturday. Adam just sat back watching football laughing at me. Such a sweet husband I have sometimes.

Sunday we went to the early church service and then cleaned up the boxes from decorating. We all took an early nap and then took Caleb to see his first ever movie at the movie theater. He saw the preview for Madagascar 2 on TV and has been singing "I like to move it move it" since. Its really quite cute. I should video tape it. So I prepared Adam that he may not stay for the whole movie with it being his first. Boy was I wrong he even sat through the credits. He loved it.

I took the day off today as many of you know I'm getting ready at some point in the near future to have surgery on my jaw. I broke my jaw at Senior prom 10 years ago and was told nothing needed to be done then. Well 10 years later I have a world of problems. So I have another appt with the surgeon today so I took the whole day off. This is so much better than dealing with teenagers at 8 o'clock in the morning. I'll try to post some pictures. I just didn't take any this weekend. Have a good week.