Sunday, November 9, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy

We have been so busy the past couple of weeks that I haven't had a chance to update our blog. Basketball season is now upon us and as those of you that know me well know its not my favorite time of the year. While I love it because I know it makes Adam happy coaching, it also makes my life a lot harder. Adam has also signed up to do National Boards which is a certification for teachers and is a lot of work and stress. The next few months should be interesting around here.

Caleb had acquired a new energy and wildness that I have never seen before. He is also learning so much at daycare, he can spell his name, some simple words and write his name and letters. We are really blessed to have such a wonderful daycare provider. She works so hard with him and he is so far ahead of most kids his age. He is a little sponge. We will drive by Wal-Mart and he has to read off the letters. Every word he sees he spells out. While I'm trying to be very encouraging, it does get a little annoying.
Last weekend Adam's good friend Brad Hoover was inducted into the Hall of Fame at Western Carolina and a bunch of his fraternity brothers came up for the induction. We all had a great time and were so proud of Brad and his accomplishments (Go Panthers!!) Believe it or not, I actually forgot my camera basically the whole weekend. So no pictures from that.

This past weekend Caleb and I went to Tennessee to visit my family and go to my first cousin's son's birthday party. I have three cousins that are like sisters to me in Tennessee and always enjoy spending time with them and their families. Mason turned two and might just be the cutest little boy ever. He thinks the world of Caleb and Caleb of him so its fun to have them play together. They had a great time playing in the leaves at my Nana's house. Our visits are never long enough up there.



The Granings said...

Thanks for the comment Julie! And it is great to see your blog too. This is such a good way to keep up with people. Rolf loved getting to see pics of Calen and you and Adam. Hope to see you guys soon. I am sure we will be making a trip to Sylva as soon as we can. Lots of love!