Monday, December 22, 2008

Extended Family Christmas

This past Saturday we headed up to Tennessee for my extended family Christmas. We always hold it at my Grandmother's house where we all bring gifts for everyone and she proceeds to not only make enough food for everyone but the whole country as well. I have a very close family up there. We are the only ones that don't live in that general area.

Well because our families have grown considerably over the years, we got a huge sign last year that we need to move the party when one of my grandmother's floor joyces (sp?) broke. We all felt it when it happened. Not only that but you could hardly get in the room where the tree and presents were located. SO this year we had it at my families church's fellowship hall. It was a lot less stressful and more fun except that my Grandmother appeared to fix even more food but hey, I'm not complaining we love every bit of it.

The next morning at church Santa Clause came and brought all the children gifts usually we head back on Saturday night because after the craziness Caleb never sleeps that night which he didn't but we just made our selves stay anyway it means so much for my grandmother to have all her grandchildren there at one time. So here are some of the pictures from the weekend.

This is Kimberly my cousin Courtney's 8 month old daughter. She is the cutest thing but so serious.This is Caleb explaining to Santa that he already got two of the things he had asked for the night before so he didn't need to bring those. It was so cute. He loves Santa. He has actually never been afraid of him.